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For children, moving to music is the most normal thing in the world. And that’s why it’s so nice to introduce them to dancing early on.The lessons are given by Marianne Kluver. She has a background as a speech therapist and you notice this in the lessons because she links motor development to speech / language development. 

Children’s dancing is given in three age categories:

Toddler dance (age: 2 – 4 years)

In the lessons for toddlers the children discover the space, the materials and each other through joint games. Their coordination and motor skills are addressed and developed. The emphasis is on discovering and enjoying moving. And as a parent you can watch from a distance and enjoy the discovery of your child.

Kindergarten (age: 4-6 years)

For toddlers the lessons are about rhythm, exercise and listening. Interaction, group dynamics and cooperation are the key words in these lessons.

Timetable Toddler and Kindergarten Dance

Latin4Kids (age 7+ years)

Ready for the real thing? From the age of 7 you can join Latin4Kids. The basic steps of the latin dances are discussed and you get some nice choreographies that you can do alone or with a partner. 

Timetable Latin4Kids


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