All prices are per person, unless mentioned otherwise

Group Classes

Registration fee (first month)
When registering for group classes you pay the registration fee (€35 for beginners, €60 for advanced)
The registration fee allows you to participate in the first month of classes. If you do not wish to continue after this, you can deregister without any further obligations.

Remaining Course fee
If you continue after the first month, you pay the remaining course fee of €340.
It is possible to pay it at once, or pay in 10 instalments of €36. In this case, you pay €360 in total.

Student Discount
Students (secondary school / higher education) get a €20 discount (€320 or 10 times €34).

Prices Group Classes

Advanced: €400 (€60 + €340)

Beginner course: €375 (Sep-Jun) (€35 + €340)*
Crash Course: €265 (Jan-May)
Summer Course: €250 (May-Jun)

* Beginners additionally can join the weekly practice evenings for free until December (worth €7 per evening)!

Weekly Activities

Practice Evening: €7
DansCafé: €12,50

Practice Evenings are free for Beginners until December!

Private Lessons

€ 80 - for 50 minutes (per couple)
For students enrolled in a course a discount applies

Solo Latin

€ 7,- per lesson

For the competitive classes on Saturday it is possible to pay per whole series of 12 classes for only € 70.


Toddler dance  (2 - 4 years)  :       €  7,- per lesson
Junior dance (4 - 6 years):         € 7,- per lesson

Dancing4kids (6 - 12 years):   € 90,-
for course of 11 lessons (1 lesson = free)

or €10,- per lesson.


Body Stretch:         € 6,- per lesson

If taken in combination with a ballroom course, reduced prices apply.