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    By filling out this form you register for the Beginner Course Ballroom Dancing at Dance School Kluver.

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    Children younger than 14 years old can join Kids Dancing.
    From 55 years and older we kindly ask you to bring a dance partner.


    You can also register with a partner on a non-couples class. We will switch partners more often in this class.

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    If you are registering with a partner, please fill out the below fields.

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    • Before the start you pay a first part of the course fee (deposit) of €60. This allows you to try the classes for one month. You can deregister in this period without further obligations.

    • If you want to continue after the first month, you pay the remaining course fee of €340.

    • You can pay this amount at once in full, or in 10 monthly instalments of €36 (€360 total).

    • Students (higher education or secondary/primary education) who can demonstrate their student status receive a €20 discount on the remaining course fee (€320 or 10 instalments of €34).

    • The deposit can be paid before the start of the class via pin or cash at the dance school.

    • The remaining instalments will be debited from your bank account via direct debit. You will receive more information how to do so later.

    €340 at once10 instalments of €36

    I am a student (€20 discount)

    Payment Partner

    In case you are registering with a partner, please describe below how your partner wants to pay
    In case you are paying the course fee of your partner, you can indicate so and leave the bank account empty.

    €340 at once10 instalments of €36I am not registering a partner

    My partner is a student (€20 discount)

    Same as my bank account

    Registration Terms

    • By submitting this form you are registering for the Beginner Course ballroom dancing at Dance School Kluver.

    • If you are registering with a partner, the payment requirement applies to them as well.

    • Your registration is only complete after receiving a confirmation from us and completing the first payment.

    • You will receive a confirmation in usually 2-3 business days.


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