Themed Parties

Theme Parties

During the season we organize a number of theme parties. A number are new, but we also have a number of “Golden Oldies” such as:

Opening ball

The start of the season in summer uniform.
To enjoy the summer with all the “old” dance friends.
Of course with a summer snack. And as music: the summer hits.

French Evening

Always in November in honor of the Beaujolais scoop.
On this evening we also serve it and of course we have a lot of French cheese,onion soup and grapes!

For many of us on lessons: a must !!

Christmas Ball

The tuxedo and the beautiful evening dresses can be shown on this evening.
Of course on a super pleasant evening with the dance hall decorated in style!

Dance test

The final test at the end of the season, super exciting and super fun. Family, friends, girlfriends, colleagues, etc, etc, can enter for free to encourage and of course to see in full admiration what they have all missed.

School Championship

A competition in the dance school where the competition couples do their best to become the best dance couple in the school. For the spectator free admission and a spectacle not to be missed, partly because the couples have a high level.

Final ball

The end of the season with always a nice show and some tasty refreshments. And here too please appear in stylish clothes. And on this evening the last chance to register with a discount for another great season!


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